Special Police Training Equipment Finished Installation

Recently, the Special Police Training Equipment, JP produced and installed for Chongqing Shuangfu Construction Development Co., Ltd, has been finished and come into use.

The Special Police Training Equipment mainly consists of 5 challenge elements, including Crawling Under the Net, Great Wall, Aerial Net, Ladder and Pile, etc. All of the designs aims to develop both solders’ physical strength and psychological endurance, which is basic for a qualified special policeman.

Chongqing Shuangfu Construction Development Co., Ltd, is a company focuses on Estate, Architecture, and Engineer Construction. To enhance the Security Dept, they bought the equipment from JP and build this outdoor training playground. JP ‘s work gained their praise and the two companies cooperated with each other well.

JP Development supply various military training equipment, and if you’re interested, feel free to contact us anytime.


Ropes Course Playland Start Construction

After careful production and shipment, the ropes course playland for Canadian customer started on May 7, 2018.

When engineers from JP Development arrived at the project site, the first thing they did is to arrange the unloading. With the help of working equipment, they did the work well. Then JP’s engineers checked all the equipment delivered from JP’s factory and made sure everything was undamaged during the shipment.

On the second day, all the workers began to assembly the multifunctional ropes course, based on instructions from JP’s engineers. And by now, everything is going well. Apart from the large ropes course playland, there will be a large Tubing Hill in this indoor recreational center, which is also designed and produced by JP Development. The whole project is supposed to be finished soon, and we’re looking forward to the panoramic view of it.

If you’re interested in building a recreational center, never hesitate to contact JP to help you. Free solution is available.


Climb Active Volcanoes

To help those who addicted to adventures, recently, a group of guys rounded up 15 hikeable volcanoes around the world that draw thrill-seekers, nature enthusiasts, and mountain climbing experts to their awe-inspiring peaks. Today JP would like to introduce 5 of them.

If you dare, just try. But no matter which volcano you plan to hike-whether it’s consistently quiet or continuously erupting-make sure you’re up to speed on its alert level before you leave for your trip, as trials may be temporarily closed due to strong gases, eruptions, and other volcanic activity.

No. 1 Mount Etna

Outside Italy's Catania sits the nearly 11,000-foot-tall Mount Etna, Europe’s largest active volcano. Not only has Mount Etna been erupting longer than any other volcano in written history (its first was recorded in 425 B.C.), it also erupts more frequently than most in the world.

Despite its high activity, Mount Etna is fairly safe for nearby residents. To visit, drive or take a bus from Catania’s railway station to the parking lot at Rifugio Sapienza. You will then take a cable car to the station on Mount Etna; once you're there, you can hike along any number of trails to the top.

No.2 Pacaya

Pacaya is roughly a two-hour drive from Antigua and is only possible to climb with a guide. You can hire one at the visitor's center, or you can join a guided tour that leaves from Antigua. If the moderately steep hike seems too arduous, you also have the option to ride a horse to the top for 300 Quetzal (about $40). Don't forget to pack chocolate and graham crackers for the hike: Your guide will be handing you marshmallows to roast on the fumaroles.

No. 3 Mount Aso

At the center of Kyusho, Japan's third largest island, lies Mount Aso. Its caldera is one of the largest in the world, with a 16-mile diameter and an 80-mile circumference. Five volcanic peaks can be found in the caldera; one of them, Mount Nakadake, is an active volcano that has a summit reaching 4,900 feet.

You can reach the Nakadake Crater by taking a bus from JR Aso Station in Aso, Kumamoto, Japan to Asosan Nishi Station. The Ropeway service from the station to the crater is currently suspended, but it's only a 30-minute walk to get there. On the other hand, you can also drive to a parking lot next to the crater (but be prepared to pay a toll on the way).

No. 4 Mount Mayon

The most active volcano in the Philippines, Mount Mayon has erupted approximately 50 times since the 1600s, most recently in January 2018. The trek up the mountain isn't easy, with Trail Adventours ranking it a seven out of 10 in “trail difficulty” for the two-day journey (although you may wish to tack on an extra day). If you're up for the task, head on over to Legaspi in Albay Province; from there, you can take the BUYUHAN trail in Buyahan or the BUANG trail in Tabaco.

No. 5 Mount St. Helens

This 8,300-foot volcano in Washington state offers more than 200 miles of trails, where you'll find a wide variety of scenic points of interest among the rock and ash, including gorgeous waterfalls, lakes, and canyons, an emerging glacier, and otherworldly caves. There are trails for hikers of all skill levels, from the stroller and wheelchair-friendly Meta Lake loop to the 28-mile Loowit Trail. The hike to the summit is no easy feat, but as long as you have a permit, it's well within your reach – no technical skills required.

(Posted by Elizabeth Preske)


Top 5 Theme Park Brands in China

From tomorrow, Apr. 29, 2018 to May 1, 2018, the annual Labor’s Day Holiday is coming here in China, is it same with you in your country?

Different from workdays, holidays offer us a chance to rest, to visit friends, to travel, and to enjoy excitement, adventure and have fun in various parks freely. Now, let JP introduce the Top 5 Theme Park Brands here in China, who built most amusement parks for Chinese scattered all over the whole nation.

No. 1 Disney

Own by Walt Disney, the brand of Disney was founded in 1926 in USA. And the Walt Disney now is the leading cross-media entertainment corporation, and one of the world fortune 500 companies, whose Disneyland has been built worldwide, including China.

No. 2 Chimelong Happy World

Own by Guangzhou Changlong Group Co., Ltd, the brand Chimelong Happy World has build many comprehensive entertainment park in China, including the famous Chimelong Water Park, Chimelong Paradise, etc.

No. 3 Happy Valley

Created by OCT Group Co., Ltd., Happy Valley is a famous theme park in China, and the Happy Valley has been built in many cities, for example, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan, etc.

No. 4 Fantawild Adventure

Own by Shenzhen Huaqiang Fanta Culture Technology Group Co., Ltd, Fantawild Adventure Parks are featured with sci-fi and anime elements, which are popular among young people.

No. 5 Ocean Park

Founded in 1977 and located in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Ocean Park is featured with the theme of Ocean. Its ocean aquarium and theme parks are famous in Southeastern Asia.

JP Development design and offer various adventure playground equipment for various theme parks, and if you are interested in build adventure playground, feel free to contact us.


Ready to Try Canopy Challenge Course?

You keep fitness to build good health and shape, you keep mountaineering to appreciated glamour of nature, you also keep adventure to enjoy passion to life, and now, are you ready to try the amazing Canopy Challenge Course, which JP built among trees in Jiujiang, Jiangxi?

Build upon existing trees, the Jiujiang Canopy Challenge Course was designed with the guideline of Trees Protection. Involved in lots of WOW challenge elements, every participant can have fun and enjoy excitement when playing.

With the Canopy Challenge Course, which is also named treetop challenge course, not only individuals are able to challenge themselves and inspire courage, team members also benefit a lot. Upon teamwork to over every obstacles, they will trust each other more and develop more team spirit.

If you’re interested in construct a Canopy Challenge Course Park, feel free to contact us anytime.


Join Polyhedral Climbing Now

On April 18, 2018, the Zhumadian Youth Comprehensive Practice Base, designed and built by JP Development, finished construction and was checked and accepted successfully. 

Apart from general team building playground, there’s a colorful polyhedral playground, which is the feature of the whole base. With height of 3.55m and space cover of 65.5m2, this Polyhedral climbing playground is great for teenagers with age of 5-15, and the whole climbing environment is much safer compared with traditional artificial climbing walls.


If you’re interested in building a climbing playground like this, feel free to contact us.