Can Kids Try American Ninja Warrior?

Premiered on June 12, 2017 on NBC, the ninth season of American Ninja Warrior, a competition show in which athletes wind their way through a complex obstacle course, drew a 1.6 rating in Nielsen’s 18-49 demo with its last week’s episode, according to live-plus same day numbers, hitting a season high.

“People never seem to get tired of seeing ordinary people – both men and women alike – do extraordinary things,” says Arthur Smith, whose A. Smith and Co. produces the series. “The show has proved a model that sports entertainment can play really well to a broad audience,” he says. “There’s something that is in the DNA of ‘Ninja’ that’s special and relatable to people of all ages and all walks of life and that is why it has become true family entertainment.”

When watching the show, we’re always excited and dream to try, even though our young kids. However, can Kids try American Ninja Warrior?

Unfortunately, NO. Participants for American Ninja Warrior must be at least 21 years old, which means kids are never qualified for the contest, according to the game rules which is set considering children’s physical and mental condition.

Then what should parents do to satisfy kids’ adventure and challenge desire? There’s a good choice—Take them to challenge JP’s High Ropes Obstacle Course.

Similar to American Ninja Warrior, JP’s High Ropes Obstacle Course set aerial obstacles for participants to overcome, and 100+ obstacles with various challenge levels make the whole challenge tour not only painstaking, also fun and exciting.

What distinguish JP’s High Ropes Obstacle Course lies in the age requirement. No upper age limit, JP’s High Ropes Obstacle Course allows kids as young as 3 or 4 years old to challenge themselves. So it’s a real family entertainment facility and popular in shopping mall, zoos, adventure parks, resort, etc.

Should you have any question about building JP’s High Ropes Obstacle Course, feel free to contact us.


The 3rd Annual China Camp Education Conference Started Today

The third annual China Camp Education Conference (CCEC) started on the morning of Sept. 14, 2017 in Beidaihe District, Qinhuangdao, China. As member of CCEC, JP Development attends the conference and share experience with others.

China Camp Education Conference (CCEC) is the most authoritative and the largest camp education conference in China. CCEC aims at helping members share ideas concerning the recent academic achievements, the designing of camp and the values of management; discussing how to promote the sound development of Chinese teenagers through camp education, as well as, coordinating the multi-cooperation of social resources in camp education industry.

The third annual CCEC takes the “CAMP+” representing “diversification” as the core conception of conference. Mr. Tom Rosenberg, Chairman of America Camp Association (ACA), Mr. Mika Tirronen, Finnish Education and Science Counselor, Ms Zhao Wei, Honorary Chairman of CCEC, and other honored guests attended the conference and will delivered speeches in the following two days.

Mr. Jin Jianyang, president of DEVELOPMENT Group, and Ms Zhao Ruiqiong, vice president of DEVELOPMENT Group, take part in the conference as JP’s representatives. They brought JP’s practical camp education experience, participate in the discussion sessions initiatively, and communicate conscientiously with 1000+ participants from home and abroad.

In the rapid development of Camp Education, this conference will show the comprehensiveness and containment of Chinese camp education completely. It will also create more opportunities for the industry, and provide more choices for growth of youth.


What Makes a World Champion?

Sun Yang, China's world-record-holding swimmer, claimed the men's 200 meters freestyle title at the 17th FINA World Championships in Budapest on Tuesday, July 25, 2017.

He clocked 1:44.39, having won the men's 400 meters freestyle title on Sunday. Sun also took the gold in the men's 200m freestyle at the Rio Olympics last year, with a final time of 1:44.65.

Born in 1991, Sun is not young as a swimming athlete, but he won the championship, so what makes a world champion? Learning from not only Sun Yang, also Kobe Bean Bryant, Edson Arantes do Nascimento, Roger Federer, Serena Jameka Williams etc., we can get some answers as following:

1)       Aim
“Every French soldier carries a marshal\'s baton in his knapsack”, as Napoléon Bonaparte said, every championship winner has his aim one after one before he becomes the No. 1, to guide and drive him or her to go forward.

"I'm already in the ranks of the top swimmers, and now working hard to be a great athlete," said Sun Yang in the interview before the 17th FINA World Championships. With this goal, he spares no efforts in the competition.

 JP Development

2)       Practice
Practice makes perfect. No one was born to be a winner and even genius should learn to conquer his world, while practices is the only way to step to the top of the mountain that you want to conquer.

Kobe ever said he got up as early as 4 am to practice, and that’s why he could do it better. Kobe’s philosophy makes himself a real genius except for his talent.

 JP Development

3)       Persistence
When you ask any champion whether he or she was smooth on the way to success, it’s supposed that no one would answer you “yes, I’m lucky enough to be smooth.” However, what makes them stick to their career and endure the hardships? That’s the personality-PERSISTENCE.

Xu Jiayu, who won China’s 1st 100 backstroke world champs ever, said in the post-race interview in 17th FINA World Championships, “My everyday is hard, but I carry on.” He said training was tired, and sometimes while he was training in water, he have to come out to vomit several times and then go back to swim. It’s his persistence that sends him to the top position of Men’s 100m backstroke.

 JP Development

4)       Love
Interest is the best teacher. When you love to do something, you’re like to do it good; while when you hate to do something, you’re sure to do it worse. Every world champion regards his career as his lover, and the love support him to go forward without hesitation.

Pele, the greatest football player of all time, ever told the public it’s his love for football that makes him the success in football play. No one would deny his love and passion’s role in their success in his career.

 JP Development

There’re many other factors that make a world champion: endurance, confidence, ambition, etc. We are not able to tell whether a child will be a champion of certain fields in the future, but we can cultivate their spirit to prepare for any championship now.

JP supply various equipment to train kids’ spirit of adventure, teambuilding, problem-solving etc., and if you plan to start your career in kids’ educational entertainment, feel free to inquire. 


Climb A Skyscraper: London’s 62-Story Office Glass Climbing Wall

In the age of startup companies and culture, perks of the office are a big factor these days. Beyond the typical ping-pong table, catered lunches, gym memberships and snacks, some offices offer even more outlandish perks to entice companies and employees for added benefits.

One such office building is doing just that in London. The Twentytwo building, currently under construction, is a 62-story tower in the middle of the city that will offer some top-notch perks. The most incredible of them all will be a glass climbing wall that will offer spectacular views of London from 410 feet above the ground on the 25th floor.

This is by no means the first glass climbing wall in the world, but it will be the first in London and highlights how prominent climbing gyms have truly become. Entrants will be able to climb routes fixed on clear glass planes overlooking the city and expansive drop. Clearly, this isn’t a great option for those afraid of heights! But for climbers looking to work off some stress after a hard day’s work, the indoor wall with towering views could be a blast.

With a scheduled opening in 2019, you can bet that there will be a few people who take jobs in offices within Twentytwo specifically to get their climb on during lunch, which can be regarded as a good rest activity. However, before it opens, how could you climb a skyscraper to have a stress release?

There’s a good option for you—to climb JP’s Lighted Building Climbing Wall which mimics skyscraper, a fun climbing wall can be built indoor and outdoor and size can be customized.

Apart from this, JP also offers other interesting climbing wall for you to build in your climbing gym. If interested, please feel free to contact us.


Summary Meeting of Work in 2017.01~2017.06

On Jul. 08, 2017, JP came to Airport Agricultural Park to hold the Summary Meeting of Work in 2017.01~2017.06.

On 06:50 am, attendees got together at office building and start the 1-day trip. One hour later, we got to the destination, Airport Agricultural Park, where JP built an outward bound training base and supplied team building equipment.

At 08:30 am, JP started the meeting with an energetic dance named Who’s Better. Mr. Jin, the Chairman of Development Group Board of Directors, delivered a speech on Our Market Status and Future Opportunities and gave us a general guideline for the following work, namely, Deep Plowing (深耕细作), which encouraged us and brought us more confidence. Following Ms. Zang, General Manager of JP, launched her speech on what’s Done and What to Be Done, in which she made a summary of our work in 2017.01~2017.06, and specified what our mission is in the following work, which strengthened our resolve and made our direction more clear. Head of Each Department all gave a summary of their work and future plans.

Then, the Awarding part came. Ten Model Employees, two Champion Employees, two Excellent Employees, one Excellent Team and one Champion Team were awarded honors and prizes respectively. And to our excitement, we, International Project Department, won the honor of Champion Team.

In the afternoon, every team demonstrated his demeanor and morale officially. And we take part in a team building program, Power Circle, to build up the whole team’s cohesion. Then, we go to visit our project case built in the park.

18:00, Carnival Party started. We song, we danced, we laughed, and we drank beers. The air was full of joy, and everyone was so happy.

This summary meeting was fruitful: we found our problems, celebrated our achievements, came up with guidelines, and prepared ourselves for the following battles. It’s an end of the first half of 2017, and a new start of the next half of the year. COME ON, EVERY ONE.


Xinzheng Adventure Ecological Park Come Into Operation

After months’ hard work, the first super adventure ecological park located in Xinzheng, Zhengzhou finished construction and come into operation at the end of June, 2017, where the adventure zone is designed and built by JP Development.

You may be bored with numerous leisure parks around the city, but must be excited when entering this Xinzheng Adventure Ecological Park, because you’ll experience an amazing adventure trip here, including but not limited to normal leisure activities.

Here, what JP designed and built consist of obstacle course, aerial challenge course, climbing wall, team building equipment set, water park challenge, high ropes adventure course, tree top challenge course, zip line, human CS fighting, etc.

As a typical comprehensive project near JP’s office building, this adventure ecological park makes it’s more convenient for visiting customers to experience JP’s equipment in person, and better learn JP Development.

If you’re interested in JP’s equipment, feel free to contact us right now.


Kids & High Ropes Challenge

Kids are natural climbers. While high ropes challenge course builds endurance and physical skills as well as mental development, it’s a healthy option for children who are not interested in traditional kids sports. 

Kids and High Ropes Challenge can be regarded as perfect partners, because kids bring laugh and vigor to the static high ropes course, and high ropes challenge course facilitates kids’ development in a comprehensive way:

1. Confidence – Facing the giant high ropes and aerial challenge, it’s the confidence in kid’s that drives him or her to start the first step. And after finish the challenge course, confidence increased.

2. Concentration – Obstacles in high ropes challenge course are various and require kid’s concentration to overcome them. Kids should concentrate himself to solve the problems he faces step by step.

3. Resolution – During the challenge, kids will challenge himself again and again. Whether to give up or go on is subject to, not just courage, also his determination, sense of honor, and strong resolution.

4. Physical Coordination – To challenge the high ropes course, kid’s arms, legs and the whole body should be nimble enough. When he tried for the first time, he may have no ideas, but the next time, he will make progress, and time after time, you can see he is so flexible when trekking on the high ropes and he becomes nimble.

5. Observation – Every problem won’t be solved without careful observation. If kids want to overcome the obstacles in the high ropes, he should observe them carefully.

Most playgrounds are designed to cater for kids and create fun, laugh. However, apart from the basic function of general playgrounds, working as an adventure playground, high ropes challenge is a more loyal partner to kids who brings them more.

Want to learn more about High Ropes Course Construction? Feel free to contact JP Development.


Asian Attractions Expo Opened in Singapore

On Jun. 14, 2017, the Asian Attractions Expo 2017 held by IAAPA opened in Singapore timely.

obstacle course

And JP’s booth, which is located at No.L946 of the convention, welcomed lots of visitors.

obstacle course

In this Expo, JP showed you a comprehensive products series, including Wood Obstacle Course Equipment, High Ropes Challenge Course, Teambuilding Equipment, Military Training Gear, in addition to our traditional hot products: Adventure Ropes Course, Climbing Wall, and Tree Top Challenge Course.

 obstacle course

JP’s sales, Sasha and Mr. Zhao, are professional and would like to offer every visitor warm service. So never hesitate to consult them when you have a question.

obstacle course

Welcome to our booth at AAE 2017.

obstacle course


General Types of Gym Climbing

When a man is interested in learning how to climb, or looking to amp up his climbing strength and skills, joining a climbing gym is a great way to go. As a result, gym climbing become more and more popular among modern people and lots of business man began to operate climbing gym.

Here are some general types of gym climbing which you should take into consideration when you plan your climbing gym.


Requiring neither a harness nor a rope, bouldering involves routes that are close to the ground. A thick crash pad acts as a protective mat below climbers. Some gyms also require spotters, people who help prevent falls from injuring head and neck.

Bouldering is a great way to build skill because climber can focus solely on using his strength and balance to keep himself on the wall. Novices appreciate the simplicity of it; skilled climbers like the challenge of more difficult routes.

Top–Rope Climbing

This is where a novice enters the world of harness-and-rope climbing. When he’s top roping, the rope is secured to an overhead anchor in the gym. Climber ties into one end of the rope; the other end of the rope is held by a belayer, who manages the rope to catch him in case of a fall. The belayer might be a trained staff person, a friend with belay certification or an auto belay device.

Lead Climbing

Once climber has become a skilled top-rope climber, his next step is lead climbing. When lead climbing, he’ll tie into one end of the rope and clip it into a series of quickdraws that are already attached to bolts on the gym’s wall. Again, you’ll have a belayer.

Lead climbing indoors is very much like sport climbing outside, except that indoors the quickdraws are already in place.

The challenge with lead climbing is that if climber slips or misses the next quickdraw, he’ll fall a short distance back to the previous clipped–in point. That’s a farther, harder fall than he’d have when top-roping.

JP Development provides various gym climbing wall production and construction, welcome to inquire anytime.


Never Miss the Best Spring 2017

Accompanied by vigorous music, in bright uniform, JP started its half-day spring trip on Apr. 22, 2017, with the topic of “Never Miss the Best Spring 2017”.

As the 1st part of the whole trip, “Listening to Mr. Bai” starts the beautiful day. There’s an old saying goes that The Most Valuable Time of One Year is Spring While That of One Day is Morning, so colleagues of JP learnt so much after Mr. Bai’s speech.

Then, we came to Part II, namely, Let’s Run, Little Bamboo Shoots! All of us were grouped into 6 teams randomly, and every team showed up in a typical way on the red carpet, led by their captain.

JP Development

JP Development

Following, the relay race began. And after fierce competition, teams winning the first place, the second place and the third place were awarded special prizes: Famous Spicy Sauces and Big Fresh Tomatoes.

JP Development

JP Development

Thirdly, chapter III “Pastoral Life” started. All of us picked and feasted lovely strawberry, searched wild vegetables, cooked and picnicked happily.

JP Development

JP Development

Wonderful time always flies. And this impressive spring trip will be memorized by us forever.

JP Development