Kids & High Ropes Challenge

Kids are natural climbers. While high ropes challenge course builds endurance and physical skills as well as mental development, it’s a healthy option for children who are not interested in traditional kids sports. 

Kids and High Ropes Challenge can be regarded as perfect partners, because kids bring laugh and vigor to the static high ropes course, and high ropes challenge course facilitates kids’ development in a comprehensive way:

1. Confidence – Facing the giant high ropes and aerial challenge, it’s the confidence in kid’s that drives him or her to start the first step. And after finish the challenge course, confidence increased.

2. Concentration – Obstacles in high ropes challenge course are various and require kid’s concentration to overcome them. Kids should concentrate himself to solve the problems he faces step by step.

3. Resolution – During the challenge, kids will challenge himself again and again. Whether to give up or go on is subject to, not just courage, also his determination, sense of honor, and strong resolution.

4. Physical Coordination – To challenge the high ropes course, kid’s arms, legs and the whole body should be nimble enough. When he tried for the first time, he may have no ideas, but the next time, he will make progress, and time after time, you can see he is so flexible when trekking on the high ropes and he becomes nimble.

5. Observation – Every problem won’t be solved without careful observation. If kids want to overcome the obstacles in the high ropes, he should observe them carefully.

Most playgrounds are designed to cater for kids and create fun, laugh. However, apart from the basic function of general playgrounds, working as an adventure playground, high ropes challenge is a more loyal partner to kids who brings them more.

Want to learn more about High Ropes Course Construction? Feel free to contact JP Development.


Asian Attractions Expo Opened in Singapore

On Jun. 14, 2017, the Asian Attractions Expo 2017 held by IAAPA opened in Singapore timely.

obstacle course

And JP’s booth, which is located at No.L946 of the convention, welcomed lots of visitors.

obstacle course

In this Expo, JP showed you a comprehensive products series, including Wood Obstacle Course Equipment, High Ropes Challenge Course, Teambuilding Equipment, Military Training Gear, in addition to our traditional hot products: Adventure Ropes Course, Climbing Wall, and Tree Top Challenge Course.

 obstacle course

JP’s sales, Sasha and Mr. Zhao, are professional and would like to offer every visitor warm service. So never hesitate to consult them when you have a question.

obstacle course

Welcome to our booth at AAE 2017.

obstacle course


General Types of Gym Climbing

When a man is interested in learning how to climb, or looking to amp up his climbing strength and skills, joining a climbing gym is a great way to go. As a result, gym climbing become more and more popular among modern people and lots of business man began to operate climbing gym.

Here are some general types of gym climbing which you should take into consideration when you plan your climbing gym.


Requiring neither a harness nor a rope, bouldering involves routes that are close to the ground. A thick crash pad acts as a protective mat below climbers. Some gyms also require spotters, people who help prevent falls from injuring head and neck.

Bouldering is a great way to build skill because climber can focus solely on using his strength and balance to keep himself on the wall. Novices appreciate the simplicity of it; skilled climbers like the challenge of more difficult routes.

Top–Rope Climbing

This is where a novice enters the world of harness-and-rope climbing. When he’s top roping, the rope is secured to an overhead anchor in the gym. Climber ties into one end of the rope; the other end of the rope is held by a belayer, who manages the rope to catch him in case of a fall. The belayer might be a trained staff person, a friend with belay certification or an auto belay device.

Lead Climbing

Once climber has become a skilled top-rope climber, his next step is lead climbing. When lead climbing, he’ll tie into one end of the rope and clip it into a series of quickdraws that are already attached to bolts on the gym’s wall. Again, you’ll have a belayer.

Lead climbing indoors is very much like sport climbing outside, except that indoors the quickdraws are already in place.

The challenge with lead climbing is that if climber slips or misses the next quickdraw, he’ll fall a short distance back to the previous clipped–in point. That’s a farther, harder fall than he’d have when top-roping.

JP Development provides various gym climbing wall production and construction, welcome to inquire anytime.


Never Miss the Best Spring 2017

Accompanied by vigorous music, in bright uniform, JP started its half-day spring trip on Apr. 22, 2017, with the topic of “Never Miss the Best Spring 2017”.

As the 1st part of the whole trip, “Listening to Mr. Bai” starts the beautiful day. There’s an old saying goes that The Most Valuable Time of One Year is Spring While That of One Day is Morning, so colleagues of JP learnt so much after Mr. Bai’s speech.

Then, we came to Part II, namely, Let’s Run, Little Bamboo Shoots! All of us were grouped into 6 teams randomly, and every team showed up in a typical way on the red carpet, led by their captain.

JP Development

JP Development

Following, the relay race began. And after fierce competition, teams winning the first place, the second place and the third place were awarded special prizes: Famous Spicy Sauces and Big Fresh Tomatoes.

JP Development

JP Development

Thirdly, chapter III “Pastoral Life” started. All of us picked and feasted lovely strawberry, searched wild vegetables, cooked and picnicked happily.

JP Development

JP Development

Wonderful time always flies. And this impressive spring trip will be memorized by us forever.

JP Development


Zipline in China

Zipline, also named Zip Wire, Aerial Runway, Death Slide, Flying Fox, etc., consists of a pulley suspended on a cable and usually mounted on a slope. It’s designed to enable a user propelled by gravity to slide from the top to the bottom of an inclined cable by holding on to or attaching to the freely moving pulley.

In some remote areas in China, such as Nujiang Valley in Yunnan Province, Weining in Guizhou Province, ziplines served as the purposes of bridges across rivers though now most of them have been replaced by real bridges.

Apart from this, zip line was used in alpine self rescue and military assault in early times in China, and now, it comes in many other forms as a mean of entertainment full of challenge, excitement and joy. When short and low, the zipline is designed for children play and usually found on some playgrounds. While longer and higher rides are often used as a means of accessing remote areas, such as forest canopy in scenic spots.

Nowadays, zipline tours are becoming popular vacation activities among Chinese, and can be found many outdoor adventure camps and upscale resorts, where they may be an element on a larger challenge ropes course.

JP Development is professional in building zipline as an element of challenge ropes as well as forest adventure and this kind of project has been built in several countries all over the world.

If you’re interested to learn more, feel free to contact us.


Happy International Women’s Day

On the morning of Mar. 08, 2017, JP Development held a mini party with the theme of “TO CAME ACROSS GODDESS IN JP”. Every member attended the party and we spent a special happy morning together here.

JP Development

Starting correctly on 9:30 am, hosts firstly deliver best wishes to everyone and explain the procedures of this party. Then, as grouped in advance, every group of goddess showed the female beauty with their own topics and styles. Details are as followed:

No.1 Ingenuity in Paper-cut Art

JP Development

No.2 Jingle Show

JP Development

No.3 Elegant Demeanor of Female Soldiers

JP Development

No.4 Destined to Be Lovers

JP Development 

No.5 Best Wishes from Goddess

JP Development 

No. 6 Vitality Show

JP Development 

No. 7 Hip Hop Dance

JP Development 

After all the shows, male employees stood in a circle, and picked out 10 representatives to comment and vote for the most beautiful goddess of JP by the game named Flower Transfer with Drumming.

Eventually, Team No.7 won the award of JP’S Goddess, and got the special gift. Besides, every female employee of JP received the carefully prepared presents as a souvenir.

JP Development 

Throughout the 1-hour mini party, atmosphere was full of joy and everyone felt the warmness and happiness of family. We spent an extraordinary happy time together again and promised each other one another. 


Thai Customers Visited JP for Long-term Cooperation

On Mar. 7, 2017, JP’s valued Thai customers visited us from afar for the long-term cooperation.

adventure tower

Based on previous communication, the Thai friends and JP discussed the details of the structure that to be built in Thailand, including elements position, force allocation, and other technical issues. Then questions about safety harness were answered one by one. And finally, two parties reached a consensus and signed contact on site for long-term cooperation.

adventure tower 

adventure tower

adventure tower

adventure tower

At the end, to show JP’s warmest welcome and best wishes for our visitors, Miss Zang, JP’s general manager, offered each customer an exquisite present, hoping the cooperation can be pleasant and mutually beneficial.

adventure tower

adventure tower