Military Training Playground Come to Use

As authorized psychological behavior training equipment supplier of Chinese army, JP Development commits to supply top training equipment for solders, which will help to promote solders’ overall development.

Last month, another military training playground where JP design, manufacture and install outward bound equipment finished construction, and now has been put into use.

This playground mainly consists of high ropes challenge course and low ropes for team building. The high ropes challenge course, offering 7 ropes challenge elements and 1 rock climbing wall, is 12m high, and upgraded in coach’s security control. It offers classical high elements including leap of faith, hanging logs, Jacob Ladder and so on. And apart from developing participants’ courage, self confidence, physical agility, this high ropes challenge course also accelerating mutual trust forming among groups.

Low ropes are challenged by solders on ground, and most of them are designed to cultivate team spirit, which is key to success in team work mission, especially for troops. Great Wall, Trust Back Fall are both basic equipment for a military training playground, so they’re here, waiting for solders to challenge themselves.

JP Development offers 1-stop service for customers, including consultation, design, manufacture, installation, training and after-sales service. If you’re planning to building adventure park, team building playground, camp, resort, etc, why not get our tailored solution right now?


Run Like a Bullet Too

From Oct. 18, 2019 to Oct. 27, 2019, The 7th International Military Sports Council (CISM) Military World Games, held every four years, will be held in Wuhan, China. It’s the top multi-sport event for military personnel from across the globe. And it will be the largest edition ever this year.

On Oct. 20, 2019, Mr. Pan Yucheng of China, competed in the men's individual obstacle run in the military pentathlon, which consists of Obstacle Running-500m with 20 obstacles; Bombing; Obstacle Swimming; Shooting and Trail Running.

Pan broke the world record in the men's individual obstacle running with a time of 2:09.05. And all of the audience was astonished by his speed, which is like a bullet. Please watch the wonderful scene below.

JP Development, is authorized supplier of psychology and physical training equipment for Chinese armies, and we’re professional in manufacturing military obstacle course equipment, including the military pentathlon training equipment.

If you would like to run like a bullet too, why not train yourself with JP’s military obstacle course equipment now?


JP Photography Contest 2019 Successfully Ended

On Aug. 29, 2019, the 2nd JP Photography Contest 2019 successfully ended, and congratulations on Harbin Sport University, who won the 1st prize in this contest, and was awarded one piece of XIAOMI Trolley Case.

From 2018, JP launched the JP Photography Contest, aiming to keep touch with JP’s customers, better record our equipment’s work, and help customers to propagate their program on JP’s SNS platforms.

This year, the 2nd JP Photography Contest started on Aug. 1, 2019, works submission deadline is Aug. 20, 2019. And from Aug. 22, to Aug. 28, 2019, all the works were evaluated based on open online voting system. Finally, the contest result was published on Aug. 29, 2019. in the contest this year, more customers participated in and we received 200+ photography works from 32 units, which is also much more than works we got last year.

Based on our promises, 1 1st prize, 2 2nd prizes, 3 3rd prizes and several excellent prizes were granted. All the awards were prepared by us diligently, including XIAOMI trolley case, XIAOMI AI speaker, travel insulation pot, outdoor headlight, and JP 12th Anniversary Souvenir. In the following 1-year time, JP will help to advertise customers’ adventure park/playground step by step, based on the photography works we got.

To better serve our customers, JP will carry on the JP Photography Contest in the future, and welcome more customers to participate our contest. And if you’re plan to build ropes course, climbing wall, adventure park, etc. Please feel free to inquire us.


Happy 12th Anniversary

Time flies, and on Aug. 28, 2019, JP Development’s 12th birthday comes. All of us get together to celebrate it and wish JP a brighter future.

At 08:30am, a beautiful song named Barley in Breeze song by Serene and Lindsay (original name: 《风吹麦浪》Feng Chui Mai Lang, composed by LI Jian) reached to our ears, and we get together to the party area to enjoy the melodious song.

After the song, the JP Development 12th Birthday Party started. At first, we recalled the past 12 years. We talked about the first day we joined in JP, and recollected memorabilia in every year, for example, JP was authorized to be the designated procurement unit of Psychological Behavior Facilities by Yunnan Public Security Fire Brigade in 2008; we realized the target of double sales amount compare of last year’s in 2010; signed the strategic cooperation contract with Anhui Polytechnic University and Wisdom Camp Experiential Curriculum Research Center Founded in 2015; JP invented Unpowered Continuous Linear Protection System for Canopy Tour and obtained the patent in 2017, etc.

Then mysterious guests shown up. The organizers invited two pastry teachers to guide us to DIY birthday cakes. We were grouped into 7 teams, and requested to make the cake with topic color of rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. Based on our best wishes to JP, we combined our imagination with food materials, utilized team members’ specialty, and finally succeed in making amazing birthday cakes. Here are some of our works:

We displayed our cakes and interpret meaning and culture our cakes represent. We wish JP to be stronger in the future, wish everyone in JP to be happier, and every customer of us can have a good luck as usual in the future, and welcome them to purchase again from us...Mr. Jin, president of JP Development, launched a short speech, and he said, “a kid of 12 years old will come into his teenager period, and ought to change from being naughty to rebellious. I hope JP can achieve a better performance in the rebellious period. The factory has updated himself to be ready and hope all of us can be ready too for the future.”

At last, everyone got a number plate randomly, and was granted a souvenir from JP. We, JP Development, is committed to work better in the future, and aim to supply more qualified products to our customers. If you plan to build adventure park, resort, camp, hotel, trampoline park, amusement park, school playground, leisure venue, kids club, family entertainment center, etc., welcome to inquire us anytime.


Protection System for JP Ropes Course

Ropes Course, also named high ropes, challenge course, adventure course, is a popular adventure attraction worldwide, which is great for indoor playground and outdoor adventure park. It offers adventurous fun to participants based on secured safety, but do you know how it secures the safety?

As a professional manufacturer of ropes course for 12 years, JP Development has developed 4 protection systems for our ropes course products, and details are as follows:

1. Tracking System Protection System

A tracking system protection system, as its name shows, features itself with the hexagon tracking routes and assured safety. With tracking system, participants wearing harness are connected to beams by lanyard and roller. They can set their challenge route freely and in the future, if owner want to update the existing ropes course, add more challenge high elements, it will be easy with the tracking system.

2. Linear Protection System

Linear protection system is widely used in linear ropes course, which is similar to tracking system ropes course, but just offer one settled challenge route for challengers. JP offer two kinds of linear protection system: continuous linear protection system and noncontinuous linear protection system. With JP’s continuous linear protection system, participants do not have to open and lock their hooks which connect himself with the cord, they just focus on the challenge elements, which is much safer compared with noncontinuous linear protection system.

3. Net Protection System

Net protection system protects ropes course players with nets. All the high ropes elements and platforms were wrapped with nets and once participants fall down, the nets will hold him to prevent him from falling down to ground. Net Protection system is a supplement to the tracking system and linear system, and just recommended when the project site for ropes course is special. With net protection system, all the net should be inspected daily and maintenance cost is little high.

4. Mat Protection System

Mat Protection System works only for ground-level ropes course, which means the ropes course challenge elements is no higher than 50cm, and target participants of this kind ropes course are toddlers. With mat protection system, ropes course participants do not have to wear harness and can start their challenge from anywhere of the ropes course.

Every protection system has its advantages and when you plan to purchase JP’s ropes course, just tell our sales your project details, then we will recommend the most suitable protection system for you. Inquire us anytime when you have a question about installing a ropes course.


New Rock Climbing Competition Ongoing in China

From Aug. 18 to Aug. 24 2019, 2019 China Extreme Sports Competition is held in Henan Province, China, JP Development’s hometown. And from Aug. 21 to Aug. 22, 102 players will participate in the Speed Rock Climbing Competition, which promote sports of climbing development in China, and will help authorities to scout talents for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Players will compete with each other in professional group or amateur group in the two-day speed climbing competition. And climbing routes in this speed climbing competition including standard route and random route, for professional group players and amateur group players respectively.

This speed rock climbing competition, organized by Chinese Mountaineering Association and Sports Department of Henan Province, is a part of 2019 China Extreme Sports Competition, which also consist of other 8 sports, including parkour, skateboarding, roller skating, surfing, etc.

With sports climbing being approved for 2020 olympics, rock climbing becomes more popular worldwide. And JP Development, a professional climbing wall supplier with 12 years’ history, would like to offer more customized solution for customers worldwide. If you plan to build climbing wall, for business or education, just feel free to consult us.


New Rock Climbing Wall to Be Finished for Shanghai Students

Typhoon is frequent in August this year, and as a result, people have to cancel their outdoor activities again and again, for example, to go to climb rock walls in mountainous areas. However, with the indoor artificial rock climbing wall, you can keep climbing though storms is raging outdoor.

With the popularity of wall climbing sports, more climbing gyms are needed, and as a professional climbing wall supplier, JP was authorized to install a new rock climbing wall in Shanghai, by Hongao Sports, an experienced sports venues system service provider in China.

Usually, to install a new rock climbing wall, you should follow 3 main steps: backbone construction, climbing panel installation, and climbing grips fixation. And with JP’s new easy-assembly technology, all the installation work becomes easier.

From the beginning of production, JP pays attention to climbing wall modular, improve his production techniques, and finally supply customers with easy-install climbing wall parts, as well as other products. As a result, just after 10 days’ work, the rock climbing wall is nearly to be finished and will be ready for work soon.

Mainly serving college students and teachers, this new rock climbing wall offers different climbing difficulties, and is supposed to enrich their campus life successfully. If you are planning to building rock climbing wall, or have any questions about our climbing walls design, installation, just inquire us anytime.