International Climbing Competition Classification

In the international climbing world, there is an international association responsible for promoting sports climbing and organizing international competitions. It is the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation or International Council of Competition Climbing ( ICC ). 

According to the form of competition, it can be divided into: World Cup and World Championships; adult competitions over 20 years old and youth competitions under 19 years old; men's group competitions and women's division competitions; international competitions, intercontinental competitions and national competitions. It is also worth mentioning that climbing wall is also an important project in the X-Games.

World competitions can be played in several forms, such as Difficulty, Speed, and Bouldering.

· The difficulty race is for the participants to race on the same difficulty route. The higher the climb or the farther is the winner.

· Speed racing, as its name implies, is determined by speed. After completing the route in the fastest time, you will be promoted until the champion is produced.

· The bouldering competition is for the participants to try to complete multiple routes within the specified time. The fewer the number of attempts and the ability to complete the route is the champion.

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Ropes Course Actually Originated From It

The early development of ropes course was within the outward bound movement. Outward bound movement was developed in the UK during the second world war and spread to the USA in the 1960's where ropes course were pioneered in 1968.

Since the 1980s, ropes course sophistication has evolved considerably. Modern ropes course incorporate sophisticated belay and safety systems using wire rope, friction devices, and climbing harnesses to manage what before were unmanaged risks. Modern ropes course make use of a variety of materials other than trees, including utility poles and steel structures.

Ropes course usually consist of high or low elements. While some elements take place just a few feet from the ground, high elements are sometimes 60 feet above the ground. A high ropes course can be a pre-fabricated, professionally installed course. Some participants may have a hard time completing the course due to its height and the physical challenge. Low ropes course consist of a series of real and imaginary obstacles designed to challenge groups and individuals to work together to accomplish a task. 

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Partially Completed Cases In November

There is one month left in 2018, and the fourth quarter is the season of harvest. In the past November, JP’s equipment spread all over the country. Do you want to know what police training is? Want to know the difference in training between the armed police and the troops? I will tell you in detail in the form of illustrations and texts. The pictures in this article are all from the military and police bases built by JP in November.

In Jilin: When other places are still cheering for the first snow, we don't remember how many times it snowed during the construction process. But looking at the built-up obstacle course and ropes course are so beautiful, everything is worth it.

In Sichuan: A "psychological, physical training frame" successfully trained and accepted. The equipment contains a total of 19 high-altitude projects. The advantages of the equipment are many projects, small footprint and strong continuity.

In Guangxi: In a military academy, the weather here is obviously warmer and the projects are very different. It is more challenging than the 400-meter obstacle course.

In Henan: In a military quality training base, the site is small, but high ropes course, climbing wall, outward bound equipment, 100-meter obstacle course, as many! Plan projects properly and make the most of the space possible. From pre-design to post-construction, we are professional! Please feel free to contact us if you need it.


Eco-agricultural Sightseeing Park Welcomes You

The fast pace of urban life has led many young people to yearn for nature, fields, lawns, greens and ecology. The Eco-Agricultural Tourism Park is just enough to meet the needs of young people. 

Chongqing Nanhai Global Village Ecological Agriculture Company creates an ecological garden scene that not only has the characteristics of ecological agriculture but also has the aesthetic value of sports culture through the rational organization and layout of the functions of each project. Outward bound equipment in the sightseeing park was designed and built by JP. 

Twisted life: The participants grab the rope on both sides. Constantly changing body posture, the left and right hands exchanged force to the end. Exercise participants arm strength and body balance. The twisted wooden board allows participants to connect with the twisted life, and the growth of people needs to be hardened. 

Unite to win: Participants stand on the steel plate to balance, relying on the teammates on the ground to pull the rope to advance the pedals to the end. It fosters a sense of cooperation between teams and mutual encouragement.

Water curtain hole: Participants pulled the protective rope, one hand held the steel ring, and the foot rope moved forward. When encountering the obstacle circle, the participant first lifted the foot through the steel ring, and then the body collapsed through the steel ring.

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Preparation Before Taking The Ropes Course

Thrill-seekers of all ages love climbing on ropes courses, but it can seem intimidating for newbies. Here are some tips to get you started on this thrilling adventure!

The right clothes and shoes are so important for a successful and fun visit to a ropes course. Wear comfortable sneakers. Under no circumstances should you wear sandals, high heels, or open-toed shoes! Clothing should be fitted, but comfortable. Clothing that is too loose can be distracting or frustrating when you’re on the ropes course.

If you are going to play outdoor ropes course, please don’t forget your sunscreen! Apply at least SPF 30 sunscreen before you go outside, and reapply if you are out for long. Nothing is worse than climbing down from a triumphant ropes course success only to realize that you earned a sunburn for your troubles. 

Get plenty of rest the night before. Ropes course is a physical challenge. Don’t run a marathon or spend all night clubbing. And finally, remember to take your time and have fun! The ropes course isn’t a race. With the right attitude and a little preparation, you’ll have a blast!

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Airborne Recruits' Magic Weapon

The standard of stacking umbrellas, the ground motion is perfect, the theory is firmly grasped, so that you can skydiving? NO! Skydiving is a high-risk training. As an airborne recruit, not only must all the parachuting ground motion training courses specified in the outline be strictly completed, but also have a strong inner heart. 

At a certain base of airborne troops, a team with rich experience in psychological services conducted psychological training for the recruits, effectively shortening the training period for new recruits.

The training begins. He is quietly climbing to the challenge. 

This is the most challenging ropes course for recruits. Whether it can be grasped is not the most important, as long as you jump, you will defeat yourself.

Vine Walk: Participant will need to cross a single foot cable with the use of hand vines and the slack in the hand vines provide quite a larger challenge. 

Plank bridge: It provides a series of plank to play. Participants move forward with holding safe belay. It is a great activity for balance and confidence. 

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Climbing Wall Tips

The climbing wall movement originated in the former Soviet Union in the 1950s and existed as a military training program in the military. The competitive climbing wall project has been listed by the International Olympic Committee as a candidate for the 2020 Olympic Games.

Climbing wall integrates fitness, entertainment and competition. It requires athletes to have the courage and tenacity and perseverance, and also needs good flexibility, rhythm and rock climbing skills, so that they can skillfully at different heights and angles. 

Climbing wall is also a mountaineering sport. The climbing objects are mainly rock cliffs or artificial rock walls. 

When climbing, you don't need tools. You only need to balance the movements of your hands and feet and your body. The hands and arms should use various methods according to the fulcrum, such as grasping, holding, hanging, squatting, pushing, pushing, pressing, etc. Both strength and physical flexibility are required. 

Wear safety belts and protective ropes when climbing to avoid danger. Climbing equipment is divided into personal equipment and climbing equipment. Personal equipment refers to seat belts, dropper, safety locks, rope sets, safety helmets, rock climbing shoes, magnesium powder and powder bags. Other equipment includes backpacks, sleeping gear, cookware, stoves , knives, lighters and other appliances.

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How To Build a Psychological Behavior Training Ground

I believe many people have heard about psychological behavior training. So what exactly is psychological behavior training? How should the psychological behavior training ground be built?

Psychological behavior training is a training method that hone people's will. By challenging some extreme training courses, the trainees will stimulate their potential and temper their psychological will after a period of training. Psychological behavior training and outward bound training have similarities, but because of the different training purposes, the focus of the project setting and the training method are also different.

Public Security Police School: The psychological behavior training equipment of the public security police school is mainly in the form of a polyhedral combination with climbing wall. There is no fixed shape, and it is designed separately according to the actual site and capital budget of the customer.

Fire brigade: Because of the special nature of their rescue, fire protection systems generally involve high aerial rescue, so high aerial projects and climbing wall are the main subjects of their training.

Armed Police: In the armed police system, the psychological behavior training equipment contains a total of 19 high-altitude projects. The advantages of the equipment are many projects, small land occupation and strong continuity. At the same time, according to customer needs, JP has newly launched a training frame with 30 projects. There are more projects and covers all aspects. Incorporating physical training and skill training while meeting psychological training. 

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Test Your Team With the Concentric Stick

The concentric stick game is an interactive game that looks simple but not easy to operate. Through this game, you can also understand the key points of teamwork. It is a good quality development game.

This game sounds simple, but it's not the same when you play it. There are usually a lot of people who violate the rules, so teamwork and skills are important.

It is mainly to examine the team spirit of the people, and the spirit of not giving up, and the trainers can also emphasize the importance of communication, the importance of order and the attitude of everyone. 

The rules of the game are: the participants stand in two columns and the two teams face each other. Everyone lifts their hands and is flush with their brows, each with only one index finger. Put a thin stick between the two columns, all participants hold the straight stick under the index finger, then slowly descend, and finally put the straight stick on the ground. During this period, everyone's index finger can't be separated from the straight stick. You must always stick to the straight stick. Otherwise, the game will fail and you need to start again.

There are many projects suitable for team building, such as climbing wall, ropes course, obstacle course, etc. JP is professional in these development training equipment, please feel free to contact us.


High Ropes Course Favored by People

I found an interesting phenomenon when I recently started the variety show: Whether it is the thrilling "24 hours" or the youthful travel route, "Youth Hostel" is playing the same game recently. High ropes course!

Why are variety shows passionate about challenging games? Why are variety shows playing various challenges? From the beginning of the bungee to today's more and more high-altitude challenge towers, the exploration base seems to be more and more integrated into our own adventure concept.

The initial extreme sports are to go outdoors, natural rock climbing, cliff parachuting, etc. Most people still avoid these projects, after all, life is only once. However, the recent projects in the variety show just meet the needs of our daily challenges.

JP can design and build this high ropes course. The suspension bridge project looks very fun, but if you try it, you will realize what it means to be truly shivering. With a total height of 12 meters and a platform height of 8 meters, the barrier-free protection system does not need to be protected for every project. So feel free to experience it.

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Have you heard the concept of camp education

“Camp Education” was born in the China Camp Education Alliance and the China Camp Education Institute. Camp education is a place to share and encourage them to actively try. Here, children can enjoy the joy of family collaboration. 

The camp education originated in the United States and has a history of more than 150 years, affecting the growth of generations in the United States. Camp education is the best bridge linking school and family education.

The American Camp Association defines “camp education” as a continuous experience in the form of team life outdoors that is creative, entertaining and educational. Through leadership training and the influence of the natural environment, each camper is able to achieve physical, psychological, social and spiritual growth.

There are many courses in excellent camp education, such as climbing wall, treetop adventure course, high ropes course, etc.

For example, treetop adventure experience is a healthy and stylish green outdoor event. Not only can you experience the thrill of falling and free gliding, but also the thrill of climbing and climbing through the trees. 

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Courage is Knowing What Not to Fear

Adventure ropes course is a new type of comprehensive and comprehensive youth and children's paradise. It is designed for the likes of drilling, climbing, sliding, rolling, shaking, swaying, jumping and shaking such as Hanging Pile, Spider Net, Hanging Log, Tyre Traverse, etc.

Hanging Pile: It is in the shape of an arch bridge. A great activity for agility and balance. Participant can step on the log at different heights. This event shows how fear affects our perception. They provide traversing and swing challenge.

Adventure ropes course puts the child in a thrilling and safe and relaxing environment. The facility is designed to give full play to vitality and imagination, while the body is exercised while having fun. It is conducive to enhancing the psychological qualities of children who are eager to win, unwilling to lag behind, and brave to explore, so that children can grow healthy and happy. 

It can be tailored to customer requirements, and the number of people carried at one time is also greatly increased to meet the needs of investors under specific site conditions. It is the first choice for the transformation of traditional amusement parks.

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High Ropes Course at Virginia Tech

A new high ropes course is opening at Virginia Tech.

This state-of-the-art high ropes challenge course is open this fall. The course is located behind the Marching Virginians Practice Field and the Sport Clubs fields and can be seen from the Huckleberry Trail. Activities will be open to Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students as well as off-campus and corporate groups.

This challenge provide a opportunity as a dynamic and innovative addition to the student experience. When participants step onto the course, they will literally be venturing out of their comfort zone and venturing out into a world of new-found self-confidence and potential. 

The course will also be utilized for open recreation events where individuals who desire a new challenge or personal thrill can spend time working on one element of the course, such as the zigzag swing, sky ball, or zip line.

High ropes course like this can be customized for you. JP has more than 10 years of experience in this area. If you have a need in this, feel free to contact us.


Type and Material of Climbing Wall

If you are interested in climbing wall and want to buy it, do you have to understand the type and material of climbing wall first?

The first type is a simulation type: the rock plate is sampled and regenerated according to the shape of the natural mountain, and the simulation degree is high, and there are various structures such as real walls, walls and eaves.

The second type is competitive type, has certain climbing difficulty, is challenging, and can meet the requirements of competitive competitions; professional design, using high-strength simulation composite rock slab, the design route and difficulty are for rock climbing professionals, enthusiasts and Military, police, high-altitude operations and other special industry training and competition. The outdoor climbing wall made by JP is made of fiberglass.

The third type is children's type, the products are safe and reliable, colorful, lively and generous, with various shapes and plates. The surface of the rock board is painted with environmentally friendly materials, suitable for amusement park, playground and shopping center. This type of climbing wall is the main product of JP.

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The History of Indoor Climbing Wall

The indoor climbing wall industry has exploded in the past 20 years, and new gyms are open every day. The youth competitive climbing teams are becoming an interesting alternative to traditional children’s group sports. Indoor climbing wall will become an official Olympic sport in 2020, which will only generate more demand for indoor climbing experience. Climbing gyms started as a way for outdoor climbers to train during off-seasons.

Many people believe that Don Robinson was the first to build an indoor climbing structure, but this is a myth. The first indoor climbing wall was created at The Ullswater School in Penrith, England in 1960. Their climbing wall was constructed in the school’s new gym and used bricks and stone for hand and foot holds. This structure even had a top-rope bar.

Don Robinson created his iconic wall at the Leeds University in 1964. He had witnessed experienced climbers injuring themselves due to lack of training during the off-seasons, and decided to try to make a training tool to prevent this. He used glued-on rocks and stones on an existing brick wall to simulate movements that climbers would make outside. 

In 1987, the climbing gym fad reached the U.S. In Seattle, an old factory was renovated and opened as the first American climbing gym, Vertical World, and is still operating today. Technology is starting to change the indoor climbing wall world. 

Learn the history of indoor climbing wall, are you interested in it? JP designs and produces indoor climbing wall and outdoor climbing wall for playground, amusement park, resort, family entertainment center, etc. Welcome to consult.


Outward Bound Equipment is Eye-catching

In recent years, the outward bound training has won many people's love with its unique adventure, stimulation and challenging. Especially for children, the development of training is not only fun, but also has a strong sense of exercise, so many parents will take the children to experience. Therefore, many playgrounds and adventure parks have introduced outward bound equipment to attract tourists.

Often participate in the outward bound training, not only to increase the flexibility of the body and coordination, but also to cultivate people's concentration, analysis of the whole route and through the way, a deeper understanding of their own body and heart. Challenges and achievements in proportion, accept how much challenge will have how much harvest. It can also foster the creative spirit of children.

It is precisely because of these advantages that the outward bound training has a good combination of entertainment and exercise self, so it has a broad market prospect, and there are more and more customers who purchase outward bound equipment.

There are many types of outward bound equipment. JP's main products are Ropes Course, Climbing Wall and Obstacle Course. We are professional. If you are interested in this product, please feel free to contact us.


Introduction to the Dance of the River

Ropes course and climbing wall products have been introduced to you a lot, and today we introduce an unusual product, the dance of the river. It is closely related to our farming history.

This project is composed of four tools: keel waterwheel, wheel well, wheelbarrow and water mill room commonly used in farming history. 

The first step, a group of four, use feet to make the keel waterwheel work, take water from the river, the water enters the sink and flows into the well. 

The second step, a group of two, one person turns wheel, the other takes water with a bucket.

The third step, a group of two, one person pushes the wheelbarrow, one person helps, and reaches the destination to pour the water into the water level controller until the water wheel rotates. 

In the last step, the water level reaches the specified standard, the water wheel drives the grinding wheel to rotate, and then the soybeans are poured into the grinding holes, and the soy milk will flow out from the grinding seam. 

The entire project uses water to form a whole. Let the participants feel the wisdom of the ancient working people. This is a project suitable for team building. Do you want to experience it? 

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