Jacob Ladder: Fantastic Team Building Activity

As a manufacturer with 11 years’ history, Henan Jianpei Industrial Development Co, Ltd., JP for short, is professional in designing and developing various team building activities. Among 500+ products JP offers now, Jacob Ladder is one of the most popular team building activities, and today, let’s introduce this fantastic team building activity to you.

What is Jacob Ladder?

Jacob Ladder is a giant swinging ladder, 10.5m in height and 3m in width usually. With Jacob Ladder, a team work is necessary, and usually tow participants attempt to climb as high up the ladder as possible.

How to operate with Jacob Ladder?

It is important to work as a team in order to make progress. This task is quite physical and involves an amount of strength, flexibility and agility. As the team climbs higher the challenge increases as the space between the rungs gets larger. The climbers can be lowered to the ground at any time. Not everyone gets to the top but everyone enjoys trying!.

Learning Outcomes of Jacob Ladder

Social development: teamwork, communication, trust, coordination, leadership, mutual respect, etc.

Personal development: goal setting, self-awareness, responsibility, strength, perseverance, sense of achievement, etc.

Application of Jacob Ladder

Jacob Ladder usually is an outdoor elements in a team challenge event, combined with other high ropes challenge, leap of faith for example, it can form part of birthday party, group challenge contest, corporation team building event, school students camp activities, etc.

JP is an established supplier of Jacob Ladder and other high low ropes challenge equipment, if you plan to build one challenge playground, please never hesitate to inquire us.


New Challenge Zone in Leisure Manor

Good news comes that a new challenge zone will be built in Kerun Leisure Manor in Zhengzhou.

Located in Xinmi of Zhengzhou city, Kerun Leisure Manor is a large farm offering various service, including camping, BBQ, adventure, dating and wedding, farming and planting, etc. And to enrich fun and excitement, now a new Challenge Zone designed by JP will be constructed.

As what shown in schemes, JP will produce and provide the leisure park a variety of challenge equipment, and mainly include:

1. Multifunctional Container with Bouldering Wall

2. Wood Obstacle Course Equipment

3. Adventure Tower with Fun Climbing Walls & High Ropes Course

4. Teenager Military Obstacle Course Race Equipment

5. Polyhedral Climb Climbing Ball & Log Pile

It’s supposed to serve both individuals and teams building , catering for families, groups, and organizations, etc. And after construction finished, spending one day in Kerun Leisure Park will be more interesting and memorable.

If you’re interested in building an adventure playground or challenge zone like this, please feel free to contact us for professional advice and competitive solutions.


Introduction to Abseiling

Abseiling, also named Rappelling, with definition of “to descend a rock face or other near-vertical surface by using a doubled rope coiled around the body and fixed at a higher point”, now is a popular form of sports.

Origin of Abseiling/Rappelling

The origin of the abseil is attributed by Roger Frison-Roche (fr) to Jean Charlet-Straton (fr), a Chamonix guide who lived from 1840–1925. Charlet originally devised the technique of the abseil method of roping down during a failed solo attempt of Petit Dru in 1876. After many attempts, some of them solo, he managed to reach the summit of the Petit Dru in 1879 in the company of two other hired Chamonix guides, Prosper Payot and Frédéric Folliguet. During that ascent, Charlet perfected the abseil.

Equipment of Abseiling/Rappelling

Abseiling requires a set of specialized equipment to be done safely and securely. Usually these gears include Ropes, Anchors, Descender, Climbing Harness, Helmets, Gloves, Climbing Shoots, etc.

Application of Abseiling/Rappelling

Nowadays, abseiling is widely used, including:

1. Climbing-for returning to the base of a climb or to a point where one can try a new route

2. Recreation

3. Canyoning-to descend tall waterfalls or cliffs

4. Mountaineering

5. Caving and speleology-where underground pitches need to be accessed

6. Adventure racing

7. Industrial/ commercial applications-to access parts of structures or building so as to perform maintenance, cleaning or construction

8. Rescue applications-used to access injured people on or nearby cliffs

9. Military Uses- tactical heliborne insertion of troops, including special forces, into the battlefield close to the objective, when proper landing zones are not available.

Abseiling is a common activity in adventure sports and requires safety assured. If an natural abseiling travel is not available, we recommend you to participate in man-made rock climbing wall abseiling.

JP Development is an established manufacture of abseiling/rappelling, and if you plan to build rock abseiling for team building or military use, just feel free to contact us.


Come to Jiujiang, Try Treetop Adventure Course

Jiujiang city, north gate of Jiangxi Province, is a land of plenty and famous tourism city. Many visitors come to Jiujiang because of the well-known Lushan Moutain, but we advise you to never miss the treetop adventure course in Jiujiang National Forest Park, if you come to Jiujiang.

Produced and installed by JP Development, the treetop adventure course in Jiujiang National Forest Park is based on existing trees in the forest park and all trees are well protected during installation.

JP offer 100+ Challenge Course Activities for customers to choose, and different challenge level will serve different group of participants, for example, some activities are designed special for kids, some are for adults, and some are for families entertainment, etc.

The treetop adventure course JP built use continuous protection system so when you finished one challenge, you can enter the next one directly without opening and locking your protection hook.

If you come to Jiujiang, never hesitate to try the treetop adventure in Jiujiang National Forest Park! And if you’re interested in building a treetop challenge course, just feel free to contact us at once.


Basic Programs for Summer Camp Base

A summer camp or sleepaway camp is a supervised program for children or teenagers conducted during the summer months in some countries. Children and adolescents who attend summer camp are known as campers. Summer school is usually a required academic curriculum for a student to make up work not accomplished during the academic year, whereas summer camps can include academic work, but is not a requirement for graduation. (Source: Wikipedia)

Traditional summer camp base usually is a woody place offer teenagers hiking, canoeing and campfires, however, with time going, more and more newer types of summer camp appeared. Now lets talk about some basic programs for new summer camp base.

1. Arts and Music

Teenagers get aesthetic education from arts program, and usually it includes craftwork, play appreciation, dancing, painting, etc.

2. Outward Bound and Adventure

Outward bound and adventure program can be designed indoor and outdoor, and consists of rock climbing wall, obstacle course, high low ropes course challenge, team building equipment, etc. Please look at JP’s design for reference.

3. Traditional Culture

Traditional culture program is rich, and most summer camp bases emphasize on the Farming Experience in China. With farming program, kids will experience how ancestors work, improve farming tools, and transport food wisely. It’s importance for children in modern time.

4. CS Fight
It’s an exciting program no matter for kids or adults. Cooperating with team members, children participate in the fight fully, and apart from team work, strategy is needed too.

5. DIY Cooking

In safe environment, with necessary food material, children can cook themselves. In this program, kids learn how to cook safely, design dishes with imagination, and enjoy fruit of their own work. They will cherish food more.

JP has 10+ years’ experience in design, manufacturing and installation of camp equipment. If you plan to purchase camp equipment, feel free to contact us.


2018 JP Development Mid-year Summary Meeting

On 10 July 2018, JP’s annual Mid-year Summary Meeting opened in Zhengzhou, where JP locates, and was proved to be a great success.

This event mainly consists of two parts: team building activities, and performance summary meeting.

On 7 o’clock in the morning, JP’s employees got together at the gate of factory, and prepared for the first trip: a bicycle trip from JP’s factory to North Gate of Zhengzhou University, total 13km. All the participants were grouped into 4 teams. Mr. Jin Jianyang, President of JP, started the trip, and issued team flags to them.

It was a rainy day, but everyone was full of energy and tried their best to more quickly arrive at the first destination: Station of Belief--Zhengzhou University. According to time of arrival, four teams got corresponding awards and shared feeling during cycling. Then after a short rest, all the four teams began the second trip: walk from Zhengzhou University to JP Development’s office building, which is a 11km trip. They would pass two stations before got to the final destination, and should finish missions at the two stations: Standing Bushes, and Energy Transmission. Finally, Team of Vitality won the 1st prize.

After four teams all got to destination, the Part II, Mid-year Summary Meeting started. Firstly, winner team in Part I was awarded rewards, and then, 10 Sales Models of Mid-year 2018 were awarded Honor Certificate and rewards. Excellent Employee, Ms. Sun Huiling from Design & Planning Dept, was awarded Honor Certificate and the reward of Travel to Zhangjiajie, same with the Excellent Team: Military Equipment Sales Dept. Thirdly, every department of JP showed their performance and promise for the rest of 2018. At last, Ms. Zang Lele, general manager of JP Development shared whole JP’s performance of 2018 by now, and encourage everyone to work harder to achieve their own year aims as well as win the final year travel award.

With bottles of wine, the 2018 JP Development Mid-year Summary Meeting ended successfully.


Bo’ao Development Training Base Construction Finished

After months’ hardwork, another comprehensive development training base JP Development cooperated finished the construction and now is ready to welcome customers.

Linfen Bo’ao Development Training Base, located in Yaodu District of Linfen, Shanxi Province, is a public training base mainly offer Teenager Quality Training, Military Training, vocational training, Enterprises Management Training, New Employee Orientation Training, Outdoor Exploration Experience, Theme Parties, Outward Bound, etc.

Covering 66000m2, the Bo’ao Development Training Base leaves 7000m2 for team building and adventure facilities, which are supplied and installed by JP Development. And in challenge area, facilities include aerial ropes challenge, 15 team building equipment, 15 water park challenge equipment, rock climbing wall, obstacle courses, outdoor children high ropes course, artificial treetop challenge course, etc.

With professional coaches, the development training base is supposed to offer great service to every participant and must be a success.

If you’re interested in building adventure playground, outward bound training base, or family entertain center indoor or outdoor, contact us now.


Outdoor Climbing Walls in Team Building Playground

This month, the team building playground construction for Enlai Executive Leadership Academy finished and now has been carried into use.

Enlai Executive Leadership Academy was founded in July 2017 in Huai’an, Jiangsu Province, the great leader Premier Zhou Enlai’s hometown. Aiming to inherit and promote Spirit of Zhou Enlai, this academy mainly offer CPC members and cadres education on Ideal & Belief, sense of purpose, and moral character.

This team building playground is constructed mainly to promote the overall education here, and consists of Aerial Ropes Challenge, climbing walls, obstacle courses, outward bound equipment. Climbing walls here are various and able to satisfy climbers with different levels.

If you plan to build any equipment on this team building playground, feel free to contact us.


JP’s Team Building in Adventure Park

On June 8, 2018, JP’s annual team building program started in Xinzheng Runtian Adventure Park, whose adventure and team building equipment was designed, produced and installed by JP.

Considering JP’s large employee number and to offer everyone a chance to enjoy the program better, all JP’s employees would attend the program in two phases. The 1st phases started on June 8, 2018 and participants are mainly sales.

The team building program was designed by JP’s professional instructors, based on equipment JP offered to the Adventure Park.

Here, following instructors’ instructions, participants were grouped into 2, and competed with each other to fulfill all the challenge missions. They tried Rock Climbing Walls, High Ropes Course, Treetop Adventure Course, Aerial Challenge Course, Zipline, etc.

During the one-day challenge, participants challenge themselves and demonstrate good team work in overcoming all obstacles. They had a wonderful day and looking forward to the program next year.

If you’re interested in building an adventure park with equipment which JP supply, feel free to contact us.


Highlights of Building Your Own Climbing Wall

It is fun and challenging to build a climbing wall. You are sure to find it a rewarding experience in itself, and you will get many benefits from your climbing wall for years to come. A home climbing wall does not need to be complex. You can get an excellent workout on a straight or slightly overhung, straight floor-to-ceiling wall. Here are some Highlights of Building Your Own Climbing Wall for your reference:

Planning. In this phase you define your training objectives. Based on your objectives, you decide on the wall's shape, size and features. Blend the actual location, budget, and your construction expertise together to develop a mental picture. Construct a model and some basic working drawings. Develop a working estimate of construction cost and time. The planning phase ends with a "go, no-go" decision based on the cost and time estimate.

Designing. During design you calculate a specific bill of materials, exact costs, determine specific cut angles, type of joints, support framework, loads and stresses, etc. During the design phase you must clear any technical hurdles before the sawdust starts flying.

Construction. This phase could be the most fun, or the most frustrating. If you have done careful planning and design, the construction will go much smoother.

Finishing. This is the final phase before cranking the holds on. The finishing includes preparing the surface for paint, application, sand texture, and adding a fallzone.

Hope the info above are helpful for you. And if you need a professional manufacturer to build climbing gym or climbing playground, feel free to contact us.


Special Police Training Equipment Finished Installation

Recently, the Special Police Training Equipment, JP produced and installed for Chongqing Shuangfu Construction Development Co., Ltd, has been finished and come into use.

The Special Police Training Equipment mainly consists of 5 challenge elements, including Crawling Under the Net, Great Wall, Aerial Net, Ladder and Pile, etc. All of the designs aims to develop both solders’ physical strength and psychological endurance, which is basic for a qualified special policeman.

Chongqing Shuangfu Construction Development Co., Ltd, is a company focuses on Estate, Architecture, and Engineer Construction. To enhance the Security Dept, they bought the equipment from JP and build this outdoor training playground. JP ‘s work gained their praise and the two companies cooperated with each other well.

JP Development supply various military training equipment, and if you’re interested, feel free to contact us anytime.