Earth Defense – Plants vs. Zombies

On Dec. 24, 2016, Henan Zhongxin 1+1, one branch of Development Group, organized an outdoor children experiential education activity named Earth Defense – Plants vs. Zombies in Suohe Wetland Park successfully.

At 8:30am, the participants, children of 6-9 years old, got together in the wetland park. After the instructor explained the activity’s background, and with the mission of earth defense, children were grouped into three teams and transformed into plants soldiers: sunflowers, peas, and Japanese melons to search the treasure boxes, in which they’ll find some map debris.

Then, lunch time came. Every child got 20RMB as lunch fund, and led by team captains, they decides what to buy and how to allocate the funds all by themselves. As a result, children who are granted the full self-determination enjoyed a wonderful lunch time.

And after lunch, participants worked together to set up tents for a rest, during which team spirit was demanded and problem-solving ability was developed. Children also drew pictures with deciduous leaves, demonstrating excellent creativity.

In the afternoon, mission continued. And according to hints from the final map, which three teams made up with map debris based on cooperation, they made gun carriage and Roman Cannon together to fight the Alien Intruders. Eventually, the brave children defended earth successfully. And participants who performed great were awarded the Warrior Medal.

With fiction and games as background, this outdoor experiential education activity enable all the children participants a chance to discover plants in nature, stimulate their imagination and creativity, and develop their sense of responsibility and spirit of team work. The one-day experience left everyone a wonderful memory.

To inquire experiential education equipment, please feel free to contact JP Development.


What to Get from Challenge Courses?

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation" –Plato

JP Challenge Course is a series of premiere programs for offering adventure-based learning experiences to the young and adults. Then what can participants get from JP’s Challenge Courses? Now let’s answer the question generally:

Ice Breaker
An ice breaker is commonly presented as an activity, game, or event that is used to welcome and warm up the conversation among participants, get people moving or loosen them up.  When participants know each other, laughter and conversation generated by the ice breaker, warm up the group. When participants are strangers, by taking part in JP’s challenge course program, the ice is broken and participants learn something about each other.      

 JP Development Challenge Course

Team Building Initiatives
Initiatives are best described as team building challenges that focus more on planning, problem solving, and creative thinking, than on physical ability.  Initiatives are a great way to challenge groups, begin or enhance the team-building process. And during the procedure of goal setting, planning making and problem solving, leadership is trained.

JP Development Challenge Course 

Psychological Development
JP challenge courses ask participants to confront their personal fears and anxieties. Challenges may be physical and emotional. In certain cases, high element programs involve the development and mastery of technical skills to manage rope belay systems used to secure other climbers as they move through the course. In such cases, outcomes often include exploring the fundamentals of trust, craftsmanship, and coaching. As a result, psychological development is gained, including self confidence, positive risk taking, social cohesion, trust, self esteem, etc.

 JP Development Challenge Course

Physical Strength Development
JP challenge courses essentially consist of high low obstacle courses, and climbing program, which are activities requiring not only courage and skills, but also physical strength. Lots of participants who are tired of the common sports are fond of challenge courses because every time they can get different experience, and when sweat flow, muscle strength is developed.

JP Development Challenge Course

Anyone overcoming the obstacles and successfully challenging him self’s limit feel extremely happy, and it’s one of JP’s challenge courses’ aim when designing the program.

JP Development Challenge Course

JP specializes in equipment construction and program designing that provide opportunities for individual growth and group development. Participation in this education-focused program may result in cultivation of leadership skills, problem-solving abilities, team effectiveness, and individual self-confidence.

If you’re interested in learning more about the challenge course program, feel free to contact us at www.ropesadventure.co .


2017 Chinese Holiday Calendar

2017 Chinese Holidays has issued, and how about your country?
JP promise to serve u wherever and whenever you need~


To Do Something Irrelevant to Money

With a sense of mission to society, JP is committed to do something irrelevant to money. Founded in 2014, JP Education Foundation never ceased his charity activities and helped more and more students.

Charity Trip
On 7 o’clock, Nov. 11th, 2016, representatives from JP Education Foundation started the charity trip to Yangcun Primary School and Huyuan Primary School, located in Madian Town, Luoning County and made a contribution.

 JP Development-High Ropes

They brought the two schools computers, audio equipment, cloth, books, stationery, school bags, sockets, terrestrial globes, gloves, scarves, basketballs, crayons, etc. to support both schools and students. And when knowing some families suffered special difficulties, the representatives went to the poor families to show care and contributed 2,000 RMB respectively.

JP Development-High Ropes

JP Development-High Ropes

JP Development-High Ropes

Touching Moments
The warm day witnessed so many touching moments:

JP Development-High Ropes

JP Development-High Ropes

JP Development-High Ropes

The hope
Though life is better and better, but there’re vulnerable groups in our society. JP sincerely hope that no matter individual or enterprise you are, please try to offer your help and do something irrelevant to money when you can. 

JP Development-High Ropes


Is he just having fun?

When your boy plays, is he just having fun?
To answer the question, you are supposed to make clear the following 2 more questions first.

JP Indoor Adventure Ropes Course 

What Is Play?

In psychology and ethology, play is a range of voluntary, intrinsically motivated activities normally associated with recreational pleasure and enjoyment. (Garvey, C. (1990). Play. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.)

Play is often interpreted as frivolous, yet the player can be intently focused on their objective, particularly when play is structured and goal-oriented, as in a game. Many prominent researchers believes play was important for human development, it’s not just a pastime activity, and it has the potential to serve as an important tool in numerous aspects of daily life for adolescents, adults, and cognitively advanced non-human species (such as primates).

JP Indoor Adventure Ropes Course

What’s the function of Play?

Not only does play promote and aid in physical development (such as hand–eye coordination), but it also aids in cognitive development and social skills, and can even act as a stepping stone into the world of integration, which can be a very stressful process. According, there’re 4 aspects in terms of function of Play:

1.       Cognitive Development
Children learn from doing, which gives play a cognitive function. Play develops cognitive skills when children have to think and remember processes and rules. Children develop language skills and learn about the world and how it works. Play encourages children to explore creativity and imagination. As children solve problems during play, they learn to reason and develop their decision-making skills.

2.       Physical Development
The physical function of play helps children develop strong muscles, bones and stamina. Play helps develop the brain as children interact with people and the world around them. Children learn to crawl, walk, run and jump as they learn to use large muscle groups in gross motor development. Fine motor skills are developed when children pick up toys, hold a crayon, use building blocks and sing songs that teach hand gestures or other movements. Play helps children develop balance, speed and coordination.

3.       Emotional Development
Your child learns to succeed through play, but he also learns how to react to disappointment. As he masters his world, he develops new skills, acquires more knowledge and builds his confidence and resiliency. Play gives your child opportunities to develop his self and discover his interests and strengths. Emotion management is preliminary developed.

4.       Social Development
Children need the social skills learned during play to enter the adult world. They develop social skills through play when learning about taking turns and sharing, rules, negotiation, cooperation and conflict resolution. While playing with others, children begin to develop characteristics such as kindness, empathy and self-control. Children begin to develop morals and to understand more about consequences.

After clear about the 2 questions above, answer of the title is simply for us. It’s obvious that when child plays, he’s not just having fun, but also developing himself.

The Adventure Ropes Course indoor and outdoor provided by JP, which is designed aiming to promote children’s development, is ideal for family entertain centers, theme parks, shopping malls, daycare centers, etc, those who share the same goal and commitment with JP.

If you’re interested to learn more about the adventure ropes course construction, feel free to contact us.


One More Friend, One More Chance--Brazilian Client Visited JP

On Oct. 12, 2016, the Brazilian gentlemen Mr. Abissamra and Mr. Rubira took their trip to JP, based on the preliminary discussion on cooperation before.

When arrived in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, where JP Development is based, they firstly went to visit the Indoor Children Adventure Course Project located near JP's office building, and Mr. Abissamra and Mr. Rubira experienced the interesting playground with great joyment.

Mr. Abissamra and Mr. Rubira spoke highly of JP's operation on the Indoor Children Adventure Course and recognize the high quality of the equipment. And then, they went to visit JP's factory located in the suburb. They took a look at how the equipment was produced and checked the products in the Sample Hall, learning more JP's commitment and more faithful with JP.

Both Mr. Abissamra and Mr. Rubira were happy with this trip, and look forward to the future cooperation.

If you are interested in JP's Ropes Course, Climbing Wall, Colorful Nets, and other playground equipment, please feel free to contact us, and welcome to visit JP.


Old Client, New Distributor

On Sept. 27, 2016, Mr. Maen, representative of Jordan Challenge Village, visited JP with new orders and negotiated to be JP's distributor.

Miss Zang, General Manager of JP, Mr. Xie, Manager of R&D Dept., Mr. Steven Liu, Project Manager of International Trade Dept, and Mr. Jia, the 3D Designer attended the negotiation with Mr. Maen. They firstly discussed the new project to be located in Jordan, including project site, elements selection, construction, etc.

Then they negotiated the distributorship of Adventure Ropes Course and Training Tools for Outward Bound Training. Finally eight regions are settled, including Jordan, Bahrain, Saudi Arab, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Lebanon, and Iraq.

Challenge Village, based in Jordan, commit to inspire and enrich all young people to realize their potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens. It's influential and recognized by both social groups and the government. On Aug. 31, 2016, HRH Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, visited their camp where JP's Adventure Ropes Course is built.

With the further development of both JP Development and Challenge Village, it's supposed that we will serve out clients in the middle east better and more and more young people will benefit from the challenge equipment that JP manufactured.


Egypt Outdoor Challenge Ropes Course Finished Construction

With 10 days' hard work, the Outdoor Challenge Ropes Course for Egyptian client finished construction successfully today!

Based on JP engineer, Mr. Bai's professional guidance, the project is erected by local workers on time successfully. And then, the engineer of JP offered operation and maintenance to staff for the project. All the efforts paid off and believe the project will won a popularity soon among the target audience of our client.

Details of the project:

The outdoor challenge ropes course, is multi-functional for operation, which can be used for family entertainment attractions, group team building program, school outdoor play ground, outward bound training, etc, superb for investor and education practitioners.

What do you think of it?

(Any question? Visit: www.ropesadventure.co)


Colorful Nets Playground

What kinds of climbing playground did your kids ever experienced? 
Climbing walls?
Climbing ropes?
Or common climbing nets?

Why not try the colorful nets playground,more interesting for kids.


Start September with A Lovely Couple's Visit

On the afternoon of 1 Sept. 2016, Mr & Mrs Thompson from Australia flied to Zhengzhou to visit JP. And in the following 3 pleasant days, they and JP discussed products and achieved several consensuses, making this trip fruitful.

After arrived in Zhengzhou, Mr & Mrs Thompson firstly paid a visit to JP's factory, having a look at the production procedure including inspection as well as the sample hall in factory. Then they came back to JP's office to discuss the cooperation preliminarily.

Through out the whole second day, Mr & Mrs Thompson visited JP's project case of Indoor Adventure Ropes Course, Colorful Nets, Indoor Climbing Wall, Indoor Play Land Venue, etc., and further discussed was achieved.

On the last day, JP led Mr & Mrs Thompson to JP‘s Ecological Park to experience idyllic fun before they left. They played with Chinese traditional farm tools, harvested sweety grape in person, and had a great time.

During the 3 days, Mr & Mrs Tompson discussed together with JP to work out a tailored solution and several consensuses were achieved. And both the kind couple and JP sincerely hope to have a long-term cooperation with each other. Obviously, the start of September is pleasant and wonderful.


JP Held Party to Celebrate Its Ninth Anniversary

Do you know how to play Watermelon Relay Race? If no,let me tell you now O(∩_∩)O~~

Founded on Aug. 28, 2007 as a subsidiary of the Development Group, Henan Jianpei Development Co., Ltd. now has been 9-year old and the JP Ninth Anniversary party was successfully held on JP's office building on Aug. 27, 2016.

Different from ordinary dancing openings, this party started with a classical game named Radish Squatting. All the participants were divided into eight groups and they discussed their group name and game strategy ardently.

After reviewing JP's history, we came to the next part--JP, I WANNA TELL U... The host picked out some wishes at random from the towering tree which consisted of all of our words to JP and read it out. Two employee representatives delivered a speech to tell their love with JP and the best wishes, touching and warm.

Then, we had the honor to have JP's general manager Ms. Zang and President of Development Group Mr. Jin to deliver a speech. They recognized JP's achievement and spoke highly of every employee's effort. And with the best wishes for JP, they sang birthday song and cut birthday cake together with all the participants happily.

After that, the most exciting game time came--Watermelon Relay Race. Caption of each team came out for the one-one PK to select watermelon. Then the group member eat the whole watermelon one after one by dividing it into several pieces, and the team who ate it up fastest won. Apart from cooperating with team members to have a feast on the delicious watermelon in the hot summer, every enjoy a great time in this game.

At last, we took a photo to memorize the special moment. And we believe, in the future, JP will be better and better, and more and more people will fall in love with it.